About the Program

The Falls Church Fellows Program is a leadership and Christian formation program for recent college graduates with special emphasis on faith and vocation. Each Fellows class is prayerfully chosen to reflect the breadth of the body of Christ.  Fellows are immersed in a seamless life of Christian faith which includes professional work, theological study, discipleship, family, and service.

The Falls Church Fellows Program is a ministry of the Falls Church Anglican, which is located on historic Route 50, just 8 miles from the U.S. Capitol. Fellows and parishioners of The Falls Church Anglican are called to be salt to the neighborhood and to Washington, D.C., where many in the parish work. Program leaders and the church community pray for and guide the Fellows along the way.

The Experience

Host Family

As a fellow, you’ll get to be part of a living laboratory of faith in action: a host family! Host families show radical hospitality by welcoming fellows into their homes and hearts, not as a 9-month boarder, but as a participating member of the family.


In addition to an intensive weekly Bible study looking at the Old Testament through the prism of Jesus, fellows take one 3-credit graduate course each semester taught through Reformed Theological Seminary. The first is a Biblical survey course, and the second covers the intersection of culture, faith, and work.

Youth Ministry

An opportunity to disciple others is critical to a growing faith and to a growing faith community! Every Sunday Night, fellows co-lead a middle or high school small group in TFCA’s vibrant youth ministry, and then meet as a volunteer leader team on Tuesdays for dinner, worship, and discipleship training.


Each fellow is prayerfully paired with a mentor who is a few steps farther down the spiritual road. Your mentor will spur you to seek out the Lord, wrestle with your budding vocation, and grow deeper roots and higher shoots.


Every year, fellows benefit from a buffet of brilliant minds and lives well lived — weekly seminar speakers who are living out their faith in a wide variety of vocations. Recent seminar topics include journalism, art, film, healthy family systems, worship, healing prayer, agriculture, politics, and more.


As a fellow, you’ll be surrounded by community in many overlapping circles – host families, small groups, the larger church body, the city, and the nationwide Fellows network. At the center of this is your community of “fellow fellows”, your fellow pilgrims. Fellows gather as a “family” each Monday evening for a shared roundtable dinner, which is your chance to serve one another and also learn how to cook for a crowd!

The Internship

Falls Church fellows work three days a week in a part-time, paid work placement. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or are still figuring it out, this position helps you gain valuable real-world experience while learning what you want to pursue. You will also learn how your faith informs your work, no matter what it is.

As with any job in the marketplace, your work placement is a mutual selection process. Our committee has relationships with employers that love hiring fellows, and we are always looking to add new work placement sponsors. We do our best to match you with work placements related to your area of study or desired career path.

On Mondays and Fridays you’ll participate in courses and seminars to learn more about God, yourself, your calling, and about working with excellence. You’ll also have mentors and a broad network of leaders who speak into your life during your fellows year, and in the future. Falls Church Fellows Program alumni live, work, and worship in cities across the U.S. and in countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Current and Recent Employers:

The Location

The fellows have the unique opportunity to experience the dynamic aspects of the program within the historic context of our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C., is not only an exciting place to live and explore during the fellows year, but for centuries it has been an important part of the life of The Falls Church. When the church was founded in 1732, George Washington and George Mason each served as vestrymen ahead of their founding the United States, and ever since, the church has served at the important juncture between the life of Washington and life of the local church.

The City of Falls Church, which was named for the parish, and our current church building are located just a few minutes outside Washington, D.C., on historic Route 50, which leads directly past the White House to the Capitol Building. The weekly activities involved in the program encourage fellows to immerse themselves in both the life and culture of Washington, D.C., as well as that of the Falls Church community.

Additionally, as a fellow you will hear from influential Christian leaders and thinkers who are seeking to live out their faith in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Being in such close proximity to Washington, D.C., this often includes connecting with leaders in Congress, State Department dignitaries, White House staff members, federal prosecutors, presidents of non-profits, businessmen and women, and many others. Spending nine months working, learning, and exploring in one of America’s cultural and political epicenters will provide an unparalleled opportunity to test and understand your faith in this unique location. We hope you’ll come join us as you seek to learn what it means to start well in all spheres of your life.

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