Talk to a Fellow

To talk to a current or recent Fellow, please contact our program coordinator, Suby Widman at or 202-997-0904.

Here are what some Fellows Alumni are saying about the program…


My life is forever changed because of my time as a fellow and how the Lord showed up to me.”

One of my favorite phrases from Garber has been that all the most important things are learned over the shoulder and through the heart. We have learned from mentors and teachers and former fellows.We have peered over their shoulders and grasped the critical impact of community. All the while, God was pressing it on our hearts, uniting us for a season to build one another up. I hope we continue to build relationships with each other, with new friends, old friends, and the world as we image God.”

“I am not the same person I was nine months ago. I have learned more about myself than I could have anticipated. I have changed the way I look at life and how I understand faiths intersection to all areas of life. This year has created a community, a mind set, and a way of life that has poised me to start life. We have been taught together what it looks like to live for Christ in every way and now we are sent and commissioned to do that.”

“Only a few times in our lives will we go through identifiable seasons when we are being made into different people – turning points in which we sense our life following a specific course when it could have followed another. In this spirit, I can identify my year as a Fellow as a distinguishable time of turning. This year changed my life…One of the ways the Falls Church Fellows Program has plotted this new course for me is by teaching and reminding me of the Lord’s truth: who He is, my Father and my God who is near; who I am, His treasured Son, who is fully known and fully loved… I have learned and witnessed how the story of the Biblical narrative is the very same that we find ourselves in as children of God, citizens of the earth, as well as earnestly anticipating…inheritors of His kingdom. Equipped with this awareness and knowledge I can hold hope and joy together with sorrow. I can be strong with a broken heart. I can be honest about my greatest fears and boldly bring them into the light. And I can bear witness to and support others in all of these pursuits and the journey that we share. I’ve been challenged and raised up this year to discern and live out God’s unique purposes for my life personally, vocationally, relationally, and spiritually. Each element has played a crucial part and has enriched my whole being by making me a more integrated man.”

Now accepting applications for the 2018-19 class! Early Action Deadline: November 30. Then rolling admissions through regular deadline: January 15.
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