Dean Miller


Dean Miller loves a good story: your story, novels, movies, plays, graphic novels, sports drama, and especially God’s Story. Much of Dean’s story can be organized in two’s: Attending two Southern California undergraduate schools for college (Claremont McKenna College and Azusa Pacific University); Loving two stints with InterVarsity (one before, one after seminary); Loving two stints in business (one with a small company specializing in New Testament travel packages, one in sales with Apple); and Loving two Anglican parishes (The Falls Church Anglican, and, since 2014, The Church of the Ascension). That said, there are other significant numbers in Dean’s story. Dean graduated from one graduate school, Regent College, in Vancouver, finishing in 1999 as the Board of Governor’s Recipient in Proficiency for the Master of Divinity degree. Dean has three wonderful children (two boys, one girl). And Dean is the honored husband of one wife, Mary Ellen.