Fellows Year at a Glance 2021-22

September 7-11Fellows move in to Host Families and Opening Retreat
November 5-7Micah 6:8 Conference in Richmond
December 18 – January 2Christmas Break
January 3-6Fellows Mid-year Retreat
February 18-21Breakaway Retreat with High School Youth Ministry
March 4-6Breakaway Retreat with Middle School Youth Ministry
April 9-17Holy Week
April 22-24TFI National Conference in Crystal City Arlignton
May 31 – June 2Fellows Closing Retreat
June 3-5Fellows Graduation Weekend

Fellows Week at a Glance 2021-22


Church in the morning
Youth Group Ministry in the late afternoon


Seminary Course in the morning
Roundtable in the evening


Internship Work Day


Internship Work Day


Internship Work Day


Bible Study and Seminar

Costs of the Fellows Program

Each fellow raises $7,500 to participate in the program.  This money covers the costs for seminary courses, retreats, books, speaker fees, and materials.  Room and board is provided by host families who are members of The Falls Church Anglican. During the program year, fellows use their wages for personal needs and as a nest egg for start-up costs at the end of the year. This makes beginning one’s career in the Washington D.C. metro area (with its high cost of living) more feasible.  Fellows typically share housing costs with other young professionals they’ve met through the program at the completion of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why $7,500?

This fee covers every aspect of the program – seminary courses, books and study materials, retreats, speaker costs, and special events.  For more about “the why” of support raising, read The Spirituality of Fund-Raising, by Henri Nouwen.

Do I have to raise it all, or can I pay for it myself?

We recommend support raising for all the good reasons that Henri Nouwen explores. But, if circumstances prevent that, or if you would rather contribute your own funds, that’s okay too. You can also raise some and pay some. However you pay for the program, we ask that you invite a committed group of friends to support you in prayer.

What if I don’t have a community or potential financial supporters?

Don’t let this scare you!  We offer guidance and resources for you. Call us, and let’s talk it through.

What if I have a student loan?

Typically, student loan payments begin in December and can be paid out of your part-time salary.

What else do I get for the investment?

You get a chance to start your career in one of the most influential and yet expensive cities in America.  You get a network of disciplers, professional mentors, and community leaders who care deeply for you and will help you to Start Well in your career and all aspects of your life. You get a vibrant intergenerational church with a strong presence in the local community, rich liturgical worship services, and leaders who invest in you.  You get a better understanding of how God has wired you for relationship, work, worship, and service. You also get a community of friends with whom to live life.  When the fellows year is over, you’ll be rooted in a continuing community.